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Tint - Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Instant Eyebrow Tint enables you to enhance your eyebrow for up to 6 weeks!

Completely eliminating the need for any eyebrow makeup! 

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The Perfect Brow

It's said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. But the truth is, the eyebrows are. They're the ones that really express your emotions best. (imagine trying to look surprised or angry without your brows.)
The right brows can be incredible beauty asset, while the wrong ones can spoil the look of an otherwise pretty face. Many women overlook the humble eyebrow. Big beauty mistake!!
Well shaped brows balance the rest of the face, bringing your best features into focus and downplay flaws. Changing your brow shape can change the way people perceive you, giving you a more sexy, smart, or confident look.

Eyebrows are of great importance when it comes to appearance and facial features. The shape of the eyebrows can most definitely change your look. This is why celebrities turn to the best beauticians to shape their eyebrows. Because most women prefer to shape their own eyebrows you can definitely hear help! I've damaged my eyebrows. Shaping your own eyebrows comes with certain risk, one wrong move and your eyebrows can be ruined.

People have different facial features so their facial features can be best enhanced by different eyebrow shapes. The shape of the eyebrow can be easily determined by beauticians since they are well trained and have a better view of the points needed to be considered when shaping an eyebrow. One of the most difficult things about eyebrow shaping is creating equally shaped eyebrows. When plucking and shaping your own eyebrows, one doesn't have the possibility to see both eyebrows, causing to intervene fairly easy.

Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the...arch.

With a simple raise, a small furrow, or a quick lift and hover, eyebrows convey surprise, frustration, shock, and excitement more effectively (and less annoyingly) than an exclamation point on a tweet. But sometimes, eyebrows can send unintended messages: Too much twee-zing can lead to bewildered or timid and retreating arches. Wipe away that worried look (if you can). With a little grooming savvy, the main thing your brows will communicate this season is sex appeal.                         

Reshaping Eyebrows  $35(All Natural chocolate wax Made in )

Eyebrows Clean - $16(All Natural chocolate wax made In USA)

Eyebrow Tint $35 (Natural Dye Plant Extract made in )**

** Tint Not Available In California. Please Contact salon For Other Options