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The Do's and Don't of Getting Eyelash Extensions

We all want longer, more luscious lashes, and many women are curious about trying eyelash extensions to increase the length and thickness of theirs. In fact, boutiques specializing in this practice are popping up all over the country. But take precaution before you let someone touch those pretty peepers!
"Extensions offer both instant and long term results, but buyer beware as this is an unregulated industry," said Nicole Flevaris, owner of premiere lash boutique
. "You should vet your stylist thoroughly, even before you are tempted to buy that irresistible deal or coupon. An offer that is too good to be true, 99 percent of the time is. A lot can go wrong in inexperienced hands." Flevaris shares her top tips for making sure your lashes (and your eyes) are in good hands.
What to ask when vetting your stylist:

  1. Make sure your stylist is a licensed professional, ie esthetician, cosmetologist, or medical professional etc.
  2. Make sure they have at least three years of experience, says Flevaris.
  3. Ask them how many hours of training they had. If they tell you they went to a one day class, as most stylists have, don't let them touch your lashes!
  4. Ask them what products they use and why. Most eyelash adhesives and products in this industry are coming directly from Asia and are made with lax standards. These products do not belong anywhere near the body, let alone the eyes.
  5. At the appointment, ask to see the adhesive bottle. You are looking for an American-made adhesive, produced in the U.S. (not just "assembled in the U.S."). Walk out if they do not have an MSDS sheet, recommends Flevaris.
  6. At the appointment, make sure they have a thorough consultation form and that they go over your medical history with you.
  7. Look at their work online and what the clients look like in person.
  8. Lashes should not hurt or itch. If you feel them at all, you did not get accurate work.

Inaccurate work can lead to inflammation, permanent natural eyelash loss, and allergic reactions, say Flevaris. So it's better to be safe than sorry!
Frequently asked questions about getting eyelash extensions:
Flevaris answers common questions about the benefits and drawbacks.
1. Extensions harm my natural lashes – False
"When done properly, most women end up with better lashes than they had after three months," says Flevaris. "Because mascara is not being worn, the follicles are clean and clear to produce a better natural lash. When extensions are applied improperly you will permanently damage your natural lashes."
2. Extensions last a week or two – False
"A skilled stylists work lasts," she says. "You should be going every three to four weeks for a re-lashe appointment and you should only have shed about 35 percent of the extensions by that time."
3. Lash extensions hurt / itch – False
"You should not even feel them, both during application and throughout the course of wear," she says. If you can, they haven't been applied by a skilled professional.