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The Importance of Consultation Form In The Beauty Industry

The importance of correctly completing consultation forms for clients over the last few years, especially within the public service industry, which includes Beauty & Holistic Salons, Spa’s, Gym’s and parts of the NHS, seems to of lost a degree of importance. It is through personal experience and conversations within the beauty/holistic industry that the importance of how consultations are carried out needs to be readdressed. Consultation form completion appears to have become less important mainly due to time restraints imposed partly through financial constraints linked to staffing. 

Any client who books for a holistic treatment or attends a medical appointment does so in the expectation that the therapist etc. is a professional and as such they will expect expert advice.

Within the Beauty and Holistic industry a good consultation is absolutely essential, as it is at this stage the discussion of the client’s needs are identified along with any possible contra-indications linked to the treatment being carried out. A consultation conducted by the therapist asking the client questions and filling in the form enables any professional decisions to be made in order to decide what needs have to be met in order to give a professional treatment.

The aims of a consultation are:
• To find out what the client wants to achieve from their treatment
• To determine what the client needs from their treatment
• To ensure that the treatment is suitable for client
• To determine the need for any special care
• To build a good rapport
• To answer any questions the client may have

A therapist completing and carrying out a client consultation can have an effect on business performance,ethics both personal and professional, within the beauty and holistic industry

• Competence
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Integrity 

The consultation is a fact-finding mission and is the first part of the service you give your clients. An in-depth consultation will allow you find out what your clients’ ideas and needs are. This will help you to make the right recommendations and give your clients more confidence in you.